No Fun is a throwback to the spirit of the old downtown scene – a wild time when there were no judgments. It was founded in 2011 by a group of guys who settled on the Lower East Side circa the 1980’s when art and music prevailed. And why the name “No Fun”? Look no further than a song title by East Village legend Iggy Pop’s infamous proto-punk band The Stooges.

No Fun is a place to have good times, plain and simple. The well-stocked bar serves a mix of fun and classic cocktails while Executive Chef Jose Dorante dishes out some of the best Mexican downtown.

In true NYC tradition, dinner and drinks are served late night 7 nights a week making No Fun the perfect spot for those who want to keep it all alive under one roof.


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Executive Chef Jose Dorante

Executive Chef
Jose Dorante

Jose Dorante worked his way to the top by listening closely to his protégés. First, he spent many years with Seamus Mullen (now a friend) in the kitchen at the infamous Boqueria in Soho. Here, Jose developed his skill set and discovered that cooking in NYC is serious commitment but definitely an honor.

After five years at Boqueria, Chef Dorante moved on to Kingswood working with master Chef Gary King. In a short time, he transitioned with Gary to Upland, which received two stars from the New York Times. When Gary opened Moby’s in East Hampton, he brought Jose along for the ride to help him create one of the most sought after dining destinations on the east end.

Dorante’s Cocina (at No Fun) closely replicates Jose’s Mexico City upbringing. His mother spent sundays making enchiladas, and Jose would make the tortillas. Much like his mom’s cooking, the concept at Dorante’s Cocina is to bring simple, fresh, authentic Mexican food to the Lower East Side – just the way he remembers it. He’s still cooking with all the grace and experience he picked up along the way, but this time, respectfully earned… it’s finally his kitchen.